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International Student Recruitment Service

We work closely with credible feeder routes such as distinguished English language schools throughout the UK to identify prospects. We also use social media networks via students who have used our service to attract new prospects. Our key advertising media to date have been Facebook and GoogleAds with considerable success.


Our success has not only relied on identifying your most potential prospects. It has a lot to do with our familiarity of the UK higher education system, Tier 4 policy and excellent contact management and administrative procedures. 

Familiarity with the UK Higher Education System


By nature of the students we deal with, most of them require non-standard entry via Accredited Prior Learning (APL) or Accredited Prior Experiential Learning (APEL). This is either because they have pursued a programme at a private college in the UK that has had its licence revoked by the UKBA or is graduating from an English Language school with the necessary academic qualification to gain non – standard entry.


We are familiar with the documentation that you would require to make an informed decision with such applications. We will provide these proactively to reduce the turn around times and increase the resource efficiencies involved both at your end and ours. Our experience is that this ultimately results in quick decisions, benefiting both our clients – the student and the institution.


Tier 4 Policy


One of the most significant impacts on international student recruitment within the UK was the introduction of specific progression rules set out by the UKBA in October 2011. There is no uniform application of the policy and is open to interpretation. This has resulted in an increase in rejection rates of applications from international students domiciled in the UK. This not only has a negative impact on your conversion rates but also drains your resources in international admissions with regards to staff time. 


Our familiarity with the Tier 4 policy means that where applicable, all our applications will be accompanied by a credible ‘progression statement’ which outlines the reason/s for the application, motivation and career progression. While we understand that this will not necessarily mean a successful application, in our experience this process has helped international admissions staff in its evaluation.


Contact Management System and Administration


We use an in-house contact management system to keep in touch with our clients and students. This may mean that you will receive regular reminders from us about pending applications! But this also means that we regularly keep in touch with your students to let them know the status of their applications and its progress. We have found that keeping them proactively informed ensures that they not only value the service we provide but also appreciate the responsiveness of the University that they are looking to join.