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Tier 4 Advice Service

To be honest most of our students come to us looking for advice on Tier 4. This is the reality given the current market landscape. In our view this does not mean that they are an immigration risk as the UKBA sets out. There are a number of international students domiciled in the UK stranded due to the closure of the private college that they were pursuing their education. We think that we owe it to the genuine student to find a credible provider with a viable study plan.


Our immigration service is licensed and regulated by the Office of the Immigration Service Commissioner. We provide all our prospective students with the option of obtaining this service.


We also provide only our immigration services to institutional clients that require it. This service can be on a referral or contractual basis and will be a bespoke service with exclusive service level agreements at a preferential price as compared to our standard rate card.
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